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Our goal is to provide quality signs and service that will compliment your business and maximise your visibility and presence at your location. Artcore Signs offers our clients a complete range of services enabling them a “Free Quote” for all their signage needs.

Illuminated store front signs are custom manufactured to meet your specifications and can be illuminated or non-illuminated, face-lit or reverse channel to achieve the “halo effect.”

Interior signs are custom manufactured to meet your specifications and can be illuminated or non-illuminated, face-lit or reverse channel to achieve the “halo effect.”

Pole and pylon signs are very effective in providing name recognition from a considerable distance. They can be designed and manufactured to achieve many different looks using multiple shapes and components.

Monuments come in all shapes and sizes and use a multitude of materials. Both illuminated and non-illuminated. Monuments provide unique and classic identity for campus, free-standing buildings and single and multiple tenant facilities.

Dimensional letters and logos are a terrific way to showcase a company’s name and design in almost any size, and present a professional, classic image to customers and visitors. A dimensional letter can be made in many materials and has a 3D look (the letters have some depth). Perfect for interior or exterior office, government, school, business, hotel and retail applications, these letters can be made with or without illumination. With halo LED lighting, the letters appear to be lit from behind. Artcore Signs offers both standard and custom dimensional lettering as well as a wide variety of fonts, thicknesses, and styles.


Put simply, Architectural signage is used to enhance the external or internal look of a building. Whether that is a sign on the outside to show where you are based, directional signage inside to show which floor you are on, or even the company name and logo on the reception wall, architectural signs help to bring your space to life.


Corporate, Industrial and Commercial Signage, when applied in the correct manner, will help a business or company to stand out in any industrial estate or business park. Commercial signs can make any client’s visit to your premises an impressive, pleasant and professional experience.


Large Format Printing are an incredible way to display your product, business, sale or event on any scale with vibrant colour and incredible definition. Smaller digital prints are ideal for applying to window displays or boards or even vehicles and are ideal when you need corporate pantone or CMYK colours to be used.


Shop Signs are an absolute must if you are located on a busy high street, or within a large shopping centre. Not only does it let people know who you are, but a well made sign will create a positive influence inside potential customer’s mind even before they enter your premises.


What if your business is not confined to a shop? Or suppose you / your employees spend a lot of time driving around in a company car? Vehicle Graphics are a great way to provide a low cost source of advertising that turns your vehicles into a mobile billboard.


The use of plotted vinyl graphics has helped open up signage to the world. It does not matter whether you are working with a smaller budget, or using vinyl as part of a large installation, there is something for everyone. With plotted vinyl, machine precision means that intricacy is no longer an issue.


Visual merchandising is the use of various constructs, usually organised within a shop window, to advertise a new product or event. Using neon, LEDs, light boxes, vinyl and printed graphics, businesses can shine a light on a new clothing line or sale and help bring in more customers.


Sign Maintenance is not just a obligation for shop owners, it is an integral part of the sign’s life cycle. Whether it is repairs to broken signage, or even an annual clean of the sign to make sure that it continues to look as good as the day it was installed, maintenance is key to getting the most value out of your sign.

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